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Okura Hotels & Resorts JAL COUPON handling Hotels

Accommodation in the following hotels, and offers a JAL COUPON in the target facility.

Hotel name Cities Telephone numbers Facilities
Hotel Okura Tokyo Tokyo ecalic032_026.gif81-3-3582-0111 French Cuisine / Wine Dining “La Belle Epoque / Baron Okura”
Chinese Cuisine “Toh-Ka-Lin”
Japanese Cuisine, Tampura “Yamazato”
Teppanyaki “Sazanka”
Coffee Shop “Dining Café Camellia”
Main Bar “Orchid Bar”
Scottish Bar “Bar Highlander”
Hotel Okura Sapporo Sapporo ecalic032_026.gif81-11-221-2333 Continental Cuisine “Continental”
Chinese Cuisine “Toh-Ka-Lin”
Bar “Bar Okura”
Lounge “Precious”
Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay Urayasu ecalic032_026.gif81-47-355-3333 Restaurant “Fontana”
Japanese Restaurant “Hagoromo”
Chinese Restaurant “Toh-Ka-Lin”
Cafe Restaurant “Terrace”
Okura Akademia Park Hotel Kisarazu ecalic032_026.gif81-438-52-0111 Western Cuisine “Camellia”
Chinese Cuisine “Toh-Ka-Lin”
Japanese Cuisine “Yamazato”
Teppanyaki Grill “Sazanka”
Lounge “Ciel Bleu”
Bar “Orchid & Bar”
Hotel East 21 Tokyo Tokyo ecalic032_026.gif81-3-5683-5683 Brasserie “Harmony”
Chinese Cuisine “Toen”
Japanese Cuisine “Sazanka”
Sushi Corner (Inside Sazanka)
Teppanyaki Grill “Kiba”
Lobby Lounge
Bar “Elephant”
Cocktail Lounge “Panorama”
Forest Inn Showakan Tokyo ecalic032_026.gif81-42-542-1234 Buffet Cuisine “Centro”
Chinese Cuisine “Karin”
Lounge “Dakota”
Japanese Cuisine “Showano-mori Kurumaya”
Hotel Okura Niigata Niigata ecalic032_026.gif81-25-224-6111 Restaurant “Starlight”
Chinese Cuisine “Toh-Ka-Lin”
Japanese Cuisine “Yahiko”
Buffet Restaurant “Tsubaki”
Tea Lounge “La Shinano”
Bar “Edinburgh”
Hotel Kajima no Mori Karuizawa ecalic032_026.gif81-267-42-3535 Restaurant “Continental Room”
Lounge & Bar “Maple Lounge”
Okura Act City Hotel Hamamatsu Hamamatsu ecalic032_026.gif81-53-459-0111 Restaurant “Figaro”
Chinese Cuisine “Toh-Ka-Lin”
Main Bar “Don Giovanni”
Sky Restaurant “Paganini”
Japanese Cuisine “Yamazato”
Teppan Grill “Sazanka”
“The Season Cafe”
“Hotel Okura Bakery & Cafe”
Kyoto Hotel Okura Kyoto ecalic032_026.gif075-211-5111 Teppanyaki Grill “Tokiwa”
French Cuisine “Pittoresque”
Buffet / Lounge “Orizzonte”
Kyoto Cuisine “Irifune”
Western Cuisine “BELCANTO”
Bar “Chippendale”
Coffee Shop “Lec Court”
Chinese Cuisine “Toh-Lee”
Hotel Okura Kobe Kobe ecalic032_026.gif81-78-333-0111 French Cuisine “Restaurant Emerald”
Chinese Cuisine “Toh-Ka-Lin”
Cafe Restaurant “Camellia”
Japanese Cuisine “Yamazato”
Teppanyaki “Sazanka”
Bar “Main Bar Emerald”
Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki ecalic032_026.gif81-956-58-7111 Cafetrrace “Camellia”
Japanese Dining “Sakura”
Chinese Cuisine “Toh-Ka-Lin”
Teppanyaki “Omurawan”
Starlight Cruise Bar “Sirius”
Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba Tsukuba ecalic032_026.gif81-29-852-1112 Cafeteria “Camellia”
Japanese Cuisine “Tsukubane”
Chinese Cuisine “Toh-Ka-Lin”
Bakery “Mon-Farina”
Okura Chiba Hotel Chiba ecalic032_026.gif81-43-248-1111 Japanese, western and Chinese restaurants “Seven Seas”
Lounge “Trevi”
Bar “Capitan”
Okura Frontier Hotel Ebina Ebina ecalic032_026.gif81-46-235-4411 Japanese Cuisine “Shiki”
Wine & Restaurant “Alouette”
(Start operation from May 1 , 2016)
The Kahala Hotel & Resort
Hawaii ecalic032_026.gif1-808-739-8888 All Day Dining “Plumeria Beach House”
Signature Restaurant “Hoku’s”
Lunch, drink bar “Seaside Grill”
Afternoon Tea & Cocktail “The Veranda”
Boutique “The Kahala Boutique”
Boutique “Ginger’s at The Kahala”
Shop “Kahala Surf & Sun”
“The Kahala SPA”

* In the above hotel, takeout items, or some of the goods of the gift shop it will be outside the scope of JAL COUPON use, please contact the hotel directly for more information.

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