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Celebrating Hotel JAL City Nagoya Nishiki Opening
Hotel JAL City Promotion

During the eligible stay period, log in as a One Harmony member from Okura Nikko Hotels official website or One Harmony website or the hotel website, and book and stay at Hotel JAL City by using member rates*. You will receive a chance to be one of the 100 lucky winners of stay coupons and bonus points.

Eligible stay period: January 18,2019 check-in through March 18,2019 checkout

Terms and conditions apply

Special prize:

Hotel JAL City Nagoya Nishiki Superior Room Twin stay coupon for two persons (including breakfast) for 10 winners

5,000 bonus points for 10 winners
1,000 bonus points for 40 winners
500 bonus points for 40 winners

Superior Room Twin
Hotel JAL City
Hotel JAL City Aomori
Perfectly poised to make the best of beautiful Aomori.

The hotel is located in the waterfront area in the center of Aomori, with triple-rooms and other accommodations to meet various needs.

Specialty Breakfast

The breakfast buffet features regional dishes created under the concept of local production for local consumption. Enjoy the tastes of Aomori, with local rice, vegetables, and seafood fresh from the regional port.

image:Hotel JAL City Aomori・Specialty Breakfast

What’s NEW!

The Deluxe Comfort Rooms available on the sixth to ninth floors since October 1, 2018 are all smoke-free and equipped with a coffee machine, massage cushion, and handy steam iron.

image:Hotel JAL City Aomori・What’s NEW!

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Hotel JAL City
Hotel JAL City Sendai
For business. For sightseeing. For the flavors of Tohoku.

The hotel is located at the center of Sendai, the Tohoku region’s major city, at just three minutes’ walk from the JR Sendai Station. All guest rooms were renovated in 2017 for maximum convenience and relaxation, and are well received by our guests.

Specialty Breakfast

Menu selections include various Sendai specialties such as beef tongue curry with chunky vegetables, zunda dumplings, and zunda milk. Rice bowls with the toppings of your choice, and rice with special raw egg from Zao are also popular.

image:Hotel JAL City Sendai・Curry image:Hotel JAL City Sendai・Dessert

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【 Notes on Reservations 】

  • The plans on this page are available only by online reservation, and cannot be accepted through the Okura Nikko Hotels Reservation Center.
  • The plans may be available for 1, 3, or 4 persons depending on the hotel. Please inquire to the hotel when making reservations.
  • Please note that plan details differ by hotel.
  • Please note that plan details and participating hotels may change without notice.
  • The guarantee and cancellation policies differ by hotel or plan. Please inquire when making reservations.
  • Rates will change depending on reservation dates and stay schedule.
  • The plans may not be available on some days.

【 Notice on Promotion Awards 】

  • One Harmony members who have logged in from the Okura Nikko Hotel website (okura-nikko.com), One Harmony website (oneharmony.com), or a participating hotel’s official website, and booked and stayed at One Harmony member rates noted as [MEMBER PRICE]in plan names or by One Harmony member exclusive plans, are eligible for this promotion.
  • Please note that reservations made in other ways than the prescribed procedure, or for other plans, or reservations made without logging in as a One Harmony member, are not eligible for the promotion.
  • Only winners will be notified by mailing of the award or accumulation of the points, and inquiries on the drawing results will not be accepted.
  • The sub-prize bonus points will be accumulated to the winner’s One Harmony account one or two months after the ending of this promotion.
  • Please note that the accumulation schedule differs from the usual stay points.
  • Please be careful when making reservations since no changes can be made after entering the information, and promotion entries are not accepted afterwards.

【 Other Notices 】

  • When One Harmony members make reservations from this page, and complete their stay, they will gain hotel stay history and stay points according to the program rules. Stay coupons, 50% discount coupons for suites/Deluxe Rooms cannot be used for the promotion.
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