Special Offers

Earn a chance to win up to 4,000 points!

Period for qualifying stays: January 4 through March 31, 2018

One Harmony members who stay at two or more different hotels (*1) during the qualifying period will earn a chance to win the bonus points shown below. Point-eligible hotels stays (*2) and subscription to the One Harmony e-newsletter (*3) are required to qualify for this offer.

If you stay at two different hotels
2,000 points (200 winners)
If you stay at three or more different hotels(*4)
4,000 points (50 winners)

Vacations with family and friends, business trips, solitary getaways…
Okura Nikko Hotels covers a wide variety of accommodations to satisfy diverse travel needs.
Because we want One Harmony members to be aware of all the options available to them, we are offering a chance to win bonus points for staying at different hotels.

*1: You will be entered automatically in the lottery as soon as you have made the required Point-eligible stay during the qualifying period.
*2: Point-eligible hotel stays are stays reserved through the Okura Nikko Hotels Reservation Center, our official website or directly with the hotel. For certain facilities, stays reserved through travel agencies are also considered point-eligible stays.
*3: Click here to register now or to check your subscription.
*4: You will be automatically entered for the “Chance to win 4,000 bonus points” by staying at over three different hotels.

*The winners will be notified through awarding of points (around mid-April, 2018) after the campaign. Please note that bonus points will be awarded on a different schedule from the Hotel Stay points.

Reservation Centers

image: Okura Nikko Hotels Reservation Center

Okura Nikko Hotels Reservation Center

Please dial 1-800-645-5687
if you are calling from United States.
For other countries, click here.

How to check and become on the One Harmony e-mailing list

After log-in on the One Harmony Sign In page, go to My Account page.
Scroll down to the bottom of the Update Profile page and tick on the box of “Subscribe to One Harmony e-Newsletter” under Communication Preference and click Submit button.

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