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University Recruiting

You will have plenty of opportunities available where you can apply your learned skills develop new skills and acquire additional knowledge at Okura Nikko Hotels. (only Japanese available)

Mid-Career Recruiting

We hire candidates with working experience as mid-career recruitment. Please review the recruitment information and apply to the positions you are interested in. (only Japanese available)


 Careers at group hotels ~Guest services, Food & Beverage, Culinary, etc.~

Would you like to be working at Okura Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Nikko International, Hotel JAL City hotels? We always are looking for passionate hospitality professionals. For further details, please click on the hotel name.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay
Okura Akademia Park Hotel
Okura Chiba Hotel
The Okura Tokyo
Hotel East 21 Tokyo
Forest Inn Showakan
Hotel Okura Niigata
Okura Act City Hotel Hamamatsu
Kyoto Hotel Okura
Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki Bettei [Opening January 2022]
Hotel Okura Kobe
Hotel Okura Fukuoka
Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch
The Okura Prestige Saigon [Opening 2023]
The Shilla Jeju (Alliance Hotel)
Hotel Okura Manila [Opening 2021]
Hotel Okura Manila (Bayshore) [Opening 2024]
The Okura Prestige Phnom Penh [Opening 2024]
Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai
The Shilla Seoul (Alliance Hotel)
The Okura Prestige Taichung [Opening 2023]
The Okura Prestige Taipei
The Okura Prestige Yangon [Opening 2022]
Okura Spa & Resort Cappadocia[Opening 2023]
Nikko Hotels International
JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo
Hotel Nikko Northland Obihiro
Hotel Nikko Tsukuba
Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama
Hotel Nikko Narita
Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba
Hotel Nikko Tachikawa Tokyo
Kawasaki Nikko Hotel
Hotel Nikko Niigata
Hotel Nikko Kanazawa
Nikko Style Nagoya
Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto
Hotel Nikko Osaka
Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport
Grand Nikko Awaji
Hotel Nikko Himeji
Hotel Nikko Nara
Hotel Nikko Kochi Asahi Royal
Hotel Nikko Fukuoka
Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch
Hotel Nikko Kumamoto
Hotel Nikko Oita Oasis Tower
Hotel Nikko Alivila/Yomitan Resort Okinawa
Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach
Hotel Nikko Bangkok
Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing
Hotel Nikko Amata City Chonburi [Opening 2022]
Hotel Nikko Guam
Hotel Nikko Guangzhou
Hotel Nikko Hai Phong
Hotel Nikko Kaohsiung [Opening 2023]
Palau Royal Resort
Hotel Nikko Phnom Penh [Opening 2024]
Hotel Nikko Suzhou
Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei
Hotel Nikko Taizhou
Hotel Nikko Wuxi
Hotel Nikko Xiamen
Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort (Nikko Alliance Hotels)
Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort (Nikko Alliance Hotels)
OHANA® Waikiki East by Outrigger® (Nikko Alliance Hotels)
Waikiki Malia by Outrigger® (Nikko Alliance Hotels)
Waikiki Beachcomber® by Outrigger® (Nikko Alliance Hotels)
Hotel Nikko Dusseldorf
Hotel JAL City
Hotel JAL City Sapporo Nakajima Park
Hotel JAL City Aomori
Hotel JAL City Sendai
Hotel JAL City Tsukuba
Hotel JAL City Tokyo Toyosu
Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo
Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo West Wing
Hotel JAL City Kannai Yokohama
Hotel JAL City Toyama [Opening 2022]
Hotel JAL City Nagano
Hotel JAL City Nagoya Nishiki
Hotel JAL City Fukuoka Tenjin
Hotel JAL City Nagasaki
Hotel JAL City Miyazaki
Hotel JAL City Naha
Hotel JAL City Bangkok [Opening 2021]

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