Okura Nikko Hotels Gift Checks

Okura Nikko Hotels Gift Checks can be used for staying or dining/drinking at each member hotel of Okura Hotels & Resorts, Nikko Hotels International and Hotel JAL City in Japan, as well as for dining/drinking at Hotel Okura Group Restaurants.

▾ The redemption of One Harmony Points for “Okura Nikko Hotels Gift Checks”

Value of Check: JPY 5,000

Lists of hotels and restaurants accepting Okura Nikko Hotels Gift Checks


* In terms of the applicable facilities, please contact each hotel.

■Hotel Okura Group Restaurants

* Following restaurant links are available only in Japanese.

(As of March 2022)

Important Notice

  • Gift Checks cannot be exchanged for cash, other gift checks, or new Gift Checks.
  • Gift Checks have no expiry date.
  • In using Gift Checks, no change will be offered.
  • If you detach Gift Checks along the perforated line, it would be invalidated.
  • Okura Nikko Hotels is not responsible for theft, losses and destruction of Gift Checks.
  • Please do not fold Gift Checks for the due procedure by machine.
  • As Gift Checks may be subject to the availability for some facilities/products, please confirm the availability in advance.
  • As some facilities on the list may change the nature of business or suspend business, please confirm with the facility in advance.
  • As for Terms and Conditions, please confirm this.

Inquiry about Okura Nikko Hotels Gift Checks

For using or purchasing Gift Checks, please contact each hotel / restaurant.

Your One Harmony points are redeemable for Okura Nikko Hotels Gift Checks.

■4,000 points: Okura Nikko Hotels Gift Check (JPY 5,000 value)
You can use Gift Checks in paying for your stay, banquet and dining/drinking in the restaurants/bars, moreover, in purchasing various taking-out products such as cake, bread, canned food or delicatessen. Gift Checks are acceptable at each member hotel of Okura Hotels & Resorts, Nikko Hotels International and Hotel JAL City in Japan, as well as our Group Restaurants.

For redemption with One Harmony Points

One Harmony Office: 0120-80-3789 (Toll Free Number in Japan) or, +81-3-6402-3388 9:30-17:30 JST (Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)

You can also sign in and redeem on the member website. Click here for more information.

  • Gift Checks will be delivered by  courier as valuables.
  • Please note that delivery fee may be charged in case of reshipment or transfer.

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