Okura Nikko Hotels BIZ SAVER Program

Okura Nikko Hotel Management has designed a special corporate program exclusively for corporate customers to support business travelers to enjoy a more efficient and comfortable stay with us.

Program benefits

  • 10% discount on the Best Available Rate at all hotel brands (Okura, Nikko, JAL City) *
  • Easy-to-use online reservation tool allows you to make reservations 24/7
  • Earn One Harmony Points for each stay
  • You can also use the benefits of One Harmony members (some benefits are not applicable)

*Local corporate rate can be set as a part of this program

Participation Criteria

  • Generate a minimum of 50 room nights per year at the participating hotels
  • Does not currently have a global corporate agreement with Okura Nikko Hotel Management (Excluding local corporate agreement )


The contract period is from January to December. If no reservation is made within 3 months after registration, the application of the program may be canceled. Also, please note that the program may not be renewed the following year depending on the usage record.

Application Form

If you would like to get in touch please fill in the form below.

<Terms & Conditions>

Upon successful application submission and qualification for BIZ SAVER Program, you will receive an e-mail with an assigned Pass-code.

Your acceptance to the program commences upon receiving the e-mail and will continue for a period up to 12 months. In the event that your company meets the minimum requirement of producing 50 room nights at the participating hotels in the contract period, you will be eligible to continue participating in the program the following year.

This program is non-commissionable and is subject to availability. The policies, procedures and terms and conditions of each hotel shall apply to the BIZ SAVER Program, including the hotel's reservation guarantee and cancellation policies, and are subject to change without notice.

The password issued to you may not be disclosed to any third party other than the applicant company (corporate group).

These Terms of Use are written in English and may be translated into other languages. In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the translated version of this policy, the English version shall prevail.

The terms and conditions (including benefits) are subject to change without notice. Please check these Terms and Conditions periodically for the latest information.

Revocation of qualification

1. When there is no activity for three months after the last stay

2. In the event that any inaccuracies or errors are found in the registered information

3. In the event that the registered information is no longer available (including contact information)

4. In the event that the guest fails to pay the accommodation charge and other charges according to the Hotel Terms and Conditions

5. In the event hotel facilities, equipment, or employees are harmed, regardless of action taken in response to the incident

6. In any other case Okura Nikko Hotel Management deems inappropriate

Registration information

We will not disclose any information you provide to third parties other than our contractors, except when we have your consent or are required to do so by law.

For more information on the information we collect and their use, you can view our privacy policy. Read our privacy policy.(https://www.okura-nikko.com/privacy-policy/)

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