Family-Friendly Stay at Okura Nikko Hotels

Happy Kids, Happy Vacation

Children and adults, looking for the best smile

Although the children’s smiles are powerful and joyful, being a parent could be exhausting at times. Okura Nikko Hotels proposes trips that bring out the best smiles on children’s faces and hardworking parents’ faces.

Children are the stars of the show, but at the same time, parents can also play and laugh, and have the best time as a family. We hope you will enjoy such a happy family trip.

Cherish each family member’s time at the hotel

The time we have with our children while they’re young, is surprisingly short. Even so, sometimes parents need “luxury time” that allows them to relax and spread their wings without their kids.

Hotels, including Hotel Okura Amsterdam and Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach, are creating an environment where each of the family members can cherish their own time by organizing hotel-sponsored activities for children, or operating the kids’ clubs.

For adults, the hotels provide a peaceful environment where they can have peace of mind for a little while. For the children, a little adventure awaits them away from their parents, tickling their curiosity and independence.

Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay

Comfortable stay at a Japanese-style room

If you have lots of luggage for your family trip, the Japanese-style room could be spacious and convenient. Also a great fit for crawling children moving around freely, as well as making their family trip debut to the Tokyo Disney Resort®. After spending a fulfilling and memorable day, you can come back to the room and relax on the tatami floors.

*Please select the Japanese Style Room or Japanese Style Suite from “View More Rooms” when booking.

Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama

Have the best family time at the hotel!

Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama offers a special breakfast buffet “MOGUMOGU”, which serves a popular kids menu. Children can have a fun buffet experience, deciding and taking whatever they want to eat at the moment. Brighten your family’s day with a breakfast buffet experience at the hotel, and enjoy the rest of the day at the Tokyo Disney Resort®.

Grand Nikko Awaji

Family Welcome Hotel with full assistance

At Grand Nikko Awaji, we take pride in offering a wide range of support services to ensure a memorable experience for the entire family. Our services include rental of children’s equipment, availability of baby food and special children’s menus at our restaurant, and much more. Embark on a delightful family vacation on the enchanting Awaji Island.

Hotel Okura Fukuoka

Enjoy the Anpanman Museum right in front of the hotel!

Kids’ favorite “Fukuoka Anpanman Children’s Museum in Mall” is right in front of the hotel. You can purchase admission tickets at the hotel, so once you arrive at the hotel, you can leave your belongings and enjoy the museum without any hassle. Stay at Hotel Okura Fukuoka and enjoy the world of the beloved character “Anpanman” with your whole family.

Hotel Nikko Alivila/Yomitan Resort Okinawa

Welcome Baby♪ Recommended for Resort Debut!

At Hotel Nikko Alivila, we support the resort debut of your children! We provide a wide range of rental items and amenities, such as strollers and baby beds. Our restaurants offer baby food as well. Inside the hotel, you’ll find a selection of essential goods for children, including diapers and swimming diapers, available for purchase.

Hotel Okura Amsterdam

Fun-filled Family Stay Plan

Guests staying with the Family Package will be guaranteed two rooms next to each other. Plans include special gifts for children, such as coloring books and invitations to “Scavenger Hunt” children’s activities. Children can also use Nagomi’s gym and wellness facilities, including the swimming pool. For those who prefer a quiet, adults-only experience, we can also arrange for a skilled, multi-lingual babysitter during your stay.

*Please enter the number of children and their ages before viewing this plan.

Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach

A family trip with the Kids Club makes everyone happy!

“Cening Kids Club” offers activities for children ages 4 to 12, including fish feeding, egg painting, origami classes, and other fun activities. Come and stay in a Family Room or Family Suite that can accommodate a family of four or five, and enjoy a resort experience that will make the whole family happy!

*The content of activities may be subject to change. Some programs may also include paid options.


  • The eligible age range and maximum number of children allowed to share a bed, as well as the available rental items and services, vary depending on the hotel. For more details, please contact each hotel directly.
  • Advance reservations may be required for the use of the Kids’ Club or activities. For more details, please contact each hotel directly.
  • Arranging for a babysitter requires reservations in advance. For details regarding the fees and more, please contact each hotel directly.
  • For information on how to input reservations for children, please refer to the guidance provided on each hotel’s reservation page.
  • Rental items such as baby beds and bed guards are offered on a reservation-priority basis. If you have any requests, please let us know at the time of booking.
  • Please note that some plans may not be available for the plans listed.
  • Please contact each hotel if you have any questions about any details, or terms and conditions.

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