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Recommended Bars for the first timers

Many people imagine that the hotel bars are usually prestigious and difficult to enter, however, they are actually filled with many pleasures and a peaceful atmosohere. You can relax and enjoy delicious drinks, listen to the live piano music, being surrounded by stylish interiors, and having conversation with bartenders who will ease your tension, and more.

Here we introduce the charms and ways to enjoy Okura Nikko Hotels’ bars, including the bars you have always dreamed of visiting and the bars that first-timers can casually enter. The best part of staying at a hotel is sipping on a drink and having a good time in an extraordinary space that is different from the usual every day lives.

~ Hotel Bars Q&A ~

Do I need to make a reservation?

– Reservations are not required, but if you make a reservation in advance, you will be guided smoothly to your seat when you enter the bar. If you would like to be seated at the counter or at a table, please let us know when you make a reservation.

Is there a dress code?

– It depends on the restaurant. Please contact each establishment for details.

I can’t drink alcohol, but can I still enjoy it?

– Most bars offer non-alcoholic cocktails (mocktails). With live piano music and night views from the upper floors, you can fully enjoy the bar even if you don’t drink alcohol.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
The Okura Tokyo
Bar & Lounge Starlight

~Rooftop bar with a panoramic view of the Tokyo nightscape~

The night view of Toranomon from the rooftop bar is exceptional. Please enjoy the afternoon tea with friends or drinks at the bar. A wide variety of food is available, from seasonal dessert sets to stylish a la carte dishes and authentic meat dishes.

Nikko Hotels International
JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo
Restaurant & Bar "SKY J"

~Enjoy a sparkling evening with a view of Sapporo’s nightscape~

Enjoy the panoramic view of Sapporo from 150 meters above the ground. We would love for you to try our “Night View 35,” a cocktail made of dry sherry and herbal liqueur. We also recommend the “North Breeze,” a non-alcoholic cocktail inspired by the JR Hokkaido H5 Series Shinkansen bullet train for those who do not drink alcohol.

Nikko Hotels International
Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba
The Bar & Lounge

~Enojy the night view of Tokyo from a luxurious space~

The Bar & Lounge is a luxurious space overlooking Tokyo. With spacious lounge seating and counter seating with award-winning bartenders standing by, we offer a wide variety of drinks including the Parfait “The sky”, based on the concept of “dessert for adults”. We also offer cream sodas recommended for adults, which are served with lavish amounts of fresh melon juice.

Nikko Hotels International
Kawasaki Nikko Hotel

~Slow life urban retreat at the hotel~

Our bar is recommended for those who want to spend some time alone relaxing. Please enjoy our original cocktails, the Moon Trip, and Midnight Angel, while gazing at the twinkling lights of the city. We also offer non-alcoholic lemonade made with Kawasaki honey.

Nikko Hotels International
Nikko Style Nagoya
style kitchen Cafe & Bar

~Original drinks made with a professional’s passion~

style kitchen Cafe & Bar is open as a restaurant/cafe during the day, and as a bar at night. Offering a wide variety of craft beers brewed by Y.MARKET BREWING in Nagoya, and craft gins from around the world. For a non-alcoholic mocktail, we recommend the Sweet Berries Tea Tonic. Delicate, contemporary, and creative, yet down to earth, our food and drinks are sure to bring a smile on your face.

Hotel JAL City
Hotel JAL City Sendai
SKY BAR J-Lounge

~Sendai’s dazzling nightscape with drinks~

A blissful moment to quietly sip a glass of wine while enjoying the night view of Sendai, the “City of Trees”. The bar has counter seats where you can enjoy the lively atmosphere of cocktail making and conversation with the bartender. Sofa seats are recommended for a friendly chat with your friends, and private rooms for small parties and business entertainment.

Hotel JAL City
Hotel JAL City Toyama
Cafe Contrail

~Special hotel bar experience at Toyama~

We offer a variety of drinks, from standard cocktails to Toyama’s signature cocktails and locally brewed sake. We also have a sake dispenser where customers can choose their favorite local sake from a selection of sake cups made in Toyama. Please come visit to experience a taste of Toyama at Cafe Contrail.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
The Okura Prestige Bangkok
Up & Above Restaurant and Bar

~The hotel’s signature original cocktails~

Up & Above Restaurant and Bar is a chic and stylish bar is located on the 24th floor. Enjoy the refreshing “Ume Hoji Highball” made with Kyoto whiskey, plum wine, and hojicha cordial, or the smooth “Kurogoma” cocktail of Kyoto whiskey, black sesame syrup and aged balsamic, while overlooking Bangkok’s landscape from the half-moon shaped outdoor terrace.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The information on the bars listed may change without prior notice. Please contact each hotel for details.
  • The images shown on this page are examples. Please contact each hotel for details about menu.
  • Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law in Japan. Minors may not be allowed to enter the restaurant.
  • Please note that the plans listed on this page can only be booked though online and cannot be accepted by Okura Nikko Hotels Reservation Center.
  • Guarantee and cancellation policies vary by hotel or plan.
  • Please contact each hotel if you have any questions about the bars, or terms and conditions.

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