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Bars of your dreams

Many people imagine that the hotel bars are usually prestigious and difficult to enter, however, they are actually filled with many pleasures and a peaceful atmosohere. You can relax and enjoy delicious drinks, listen to the live piano music, being surrounded by stylish interiors, and having conversation with bartenders who will ease your tension, and more.

Here we introduce the charms and ways to enjoy Okura Nikko Hotels’ bars, including the bars you have always dreamed of visiting and the bars that first-timers can casually enter. The best part of staying at a hotel is sipping on a drink and having a good time in an extraordinary space that is different from the usual every day lives.

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Hotel Okura Manila

~Bar Time at the Japanese Modern All-Day Dining~

Located in the atrium lobby on the 5th floor, all-day dining restaurant Yawaragi offers Japanese and international cuisine. It features an elegant and beautiful atrium. During bar time, guests can come relax alone, or enjoy conversation with friends. Recommended drink is an original cocktail called “A Day in Hyogo”.

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Hotel Okura Amsterdam
Twenty Third Bar

~Original cocktails with a touch of Amsterdam~

Enjoy our original cocktails with vibrant cityscape, while overlooking the spectacular view of Amsterdam from the 23rd floor. Using our homemade syrups and purees, we offer new and nostalgic original cocktails, as well as mocktails and light bites from our contemporary French restaurant, Ciel Bleu. You can spend a relaxing time alone, or with your friends.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The information on the bars listed may change without prior notice. Please contact each hotel for details.
  • The images shown on this page are examples. Please contact each hotel for details about menu.
  • Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law in Japan. Minors may not be allowed to enter the restaurant.
  • Please note that the plans listed on this page can only be booked though online and cannot be accepted by Okura Nikko Hotels Reservation Center.
  • Guarantee and cancellation policies vary by hotel or plan.
  • Please contact each hotel if you have any questions about the bars, or terms and conditions.

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