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Bars of your dreams

Many people imagine that the hotel bars are usually prestigious and difficult to enter, however, they are actually filled with many pleasures and a peaceful atmosohere. You can relax and enjoy delicious drinks, listen to the live piano music, being surrounded by stylish interiors, and having conversation with bartenders who will ease your tension, and more.

Here we introduce the charms and ways to enjoy Okura Nikko Hotels’ bars, including the bars you have always dreamed of visiting and the bars that first-timers can casually enter. The best part of staying at a hotel is sipping on a drink and having a good time in an extraordinary space that is different from the usual every day lives.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
The Okura Tokyo
Orchid Bar

~A place to enjoy the traditions and prestige of the bar in Tokyo~

Enjoy a luxurious time while sitting at the stately bar counter, chatting with the bartender. Old rare whiskies are the key to win your heart. The Espresso Martini, which consists of rum, vodka and espresso is also one of our star menus here at Orchid bar in The Okura Tokyo.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
Forest Inn Showakan

~Overlooking the beautiful night view with 130 kinds of cocktails~

Lounge DAKOTA, overlooking the beautiful night view on the top floor of the hotel. The lounge offers 130 kinds of cocktails, from standard cocktails to bartender’s special cocktails. A variety of food items are available, including cheese plates, fish and chips, and the hotel’s special roast beef.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
Hotel Okura Kyoto
Bar Chippendale

~Chic and reminiscent of the British style~

A classic bar reminiscent of the Gothic style of England. The chic and dignified interior creates a prestigious and relaxed atmosphere. In addition to whiskeys and standard cocktails, the bar offers a wide variety of cocktails including the hotel’s original cocktails and limited-time-only cocktails, using seasonal fruits.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
Hotel Okura Kobe
Main Bar Emerald

~Enjoy the seasons with the Japanese garden~

How about a seasonal fruit cocktail, a sweet cocktail, or a whiskey, while enjoying the view of our Japanese garden? You can enjoy not only the drinks, but also food and mocktails as well. We are here to help you have a unforgettable and special time at the Main Bar Emerald.

Nikko Hotels International
Hotel Nikko Narita
Sky Bar Lounge Sunset Lounge

~Enjoy original cocktails with the night view of the airport~

Come relax at the Sunset Lounge, featuring an authentic bar counter on the top floor of the hotel. The bar counter with a night view of the airport is perfect for spending a slow and focused time alone. Also the couple seats, limited to one per day, are also recommended.

Nikko Hotels International
Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto

~A luxurious and extraordinary atmosphere~

The wood-grained, British-inspired main bar, Darley. Enjoy seasonal Japanese citrus scent Kyoto original gin and tonic, Darley Parfait dessert cocktail made with your choice of whiskey, or an seasonal fruits mocktail. We also recommend the Twilight Set, a set menu that includes three kinds of snacks from different restaurants and a choice of your drink.

Nikko Hotels International
Hotel Nikko Osaka
Main Bar Vol de Nuit

~Quiet and relaxing experience, reminiscent of Saint-Exupéry~

We create a quiet, relaxing, and classic atmosphere here at the Main Bar Vol de Nuit. Please enjoy the fine liquors from around the world and the cocktails created by our award winning bartenders with the piano sound.

Nikko Hotels International
Hotel Nikko Fukuoka
Main Bar Vol de Nuit

~A relaxing space created by a live piano performance~

The stately interior, reminiscent of an English mansion, will create a relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy the live performance of a rare walnut piano, one of only 3 in the world, reproduced by Yamaha in the same design as the piano in Chopin’s birthplace. The piano music goes along with a collection of cocktails and seasonal fruit mocktails.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The information on the bars listed may change without prior notice. Please contact each hotel for details.
  • The images shown on this page are examples. Please contact each hotel for details about menu.
  • Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law in Japan. Minors may not be allowed to enter the restaurant.
  • Please note that the plans listed on this page can only be booked though online and cannot be accepted by Okura Nikko Hotels Reservation Center.
  • Guarantee and cancellation policies vary by hotel or plan.
  • Please contact each hotel if you have any questions about the bars, or terms and conditions.

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