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A cup of tea is a cup of peace ~Hotel Cafe Special~ | Afternoon Tea

As calm and stylish spaces, hotel cafes and lounges are used for a variety of purposes and occasions. As a place to seek out the menus you’ve been wanting to try, as a meeting place, to spend some time pre/post stay… The slow flow of time allows you to have an extraordinary experience while also providing comfort.

In this “Hotel Cafe Special”, we introduce cafes and lounges with special sweets and drinks, as well as places offering afternoon tea. Afternoon tea has become a popular topic as “Nun katsu”, shortened for afternoon tea katsudo, which means “(activities/going) to have afternoon tea”.

We ensure you will find a favorite place where you can spend an elegant moment, here at Okura Nikko Hotels’ cafes and lounges.

Nikko Hotels International
Hotel Nikko Kumamoto
Tea & Cocktail Lounge "Fountain"

~Taste the “KUMAMOTO Seasonal Selection” made with local ingredients~

The “KUMAMOTO Seasonal Selection” afternoon tea set includes tartlets using Kumamoto’s locally grown fruits, ASOMILK blancmange, colorful macaroons, two types of scones, sandwiches with Kumamoto vegetables and smoked salmon, served with a fragrant blend of teas.

Nikko Hotels International
Hotel Nikko Alivila/Yomitan Resort Okinawa
Lounge "Aria Cara"

~Unique Okinawan afternoon tea~

The afternoon tea set features an eye-catching birdcage design. We offer a variety of sweets and snacks in line with seasonal themes. Enjoy the classic scones with the hotel’s original purple sweet potato jam and pineapple butter, which goes well with a selection of about 20 types of tea, including Okinawan Churahana tea and brown sugar cafe latte.

Nikko Hotels International
Hotel Nikko Bangkok
Lobby Lounge "CURVE 55"

~Take a seasonal journey with Japanese afternoon tea~

The theme is based on the seasons of Japan, with sweets made from seasonal ingredients. You can try the traditional Japanese sweets, “Daifuku” (mochi stuffed with sweet red bean paste) and “Nerikiri” (white bean paste wrapped in rice flour dough) , while enjoying the tea from Mariage Freres.

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