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As calm and stylish spaces, hotel cafes and lounges are used for a variety of purposes and occasions. As a place to seek out the menus you’ve been wanting to try, as a meeting place, to spend some time pre/post stay… The slow flow of time allows you to have an extraordinary experience while also providing comfort.

In this “Hotel Cafe Special”, we introduce cafes and lounges with special sweets and drinks, as well as places offering afternoon tea. Afternoon tea has become a popular topic as “Nun katsu”, shortened for afternoon tea katsudo, which means “(activities/going) to have afternoon tea”.

We ensure you will find a favorite place where you can spend an elegant moment, here at Okura Nikko Hotels’ cafes and lounges.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
The Okura Tokyo
Bar & Lounge "Starlight"

~Tasting “Special Sponge Cake” at the Bar & Lounge~

The hotel’s famous cake “Special Sponge Cake”, is a whole cake for one person, which is a unique and stylish concept. The parfait is a gorgeous looking cake made with an abundance of seasonal fruits. The taste and texture have been carefully calculated to ensure that you will not get bored until you finish the whole parfait. The menu and fruits change with the seasons so that guests can fully enjoy the seasonal flavors. Please enjoy a luxurious time with a magnificent view from 190 meters above the ground.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
Forest Inn Showakan

~Patissier’s special sweets that you can savor while admiring the view of the garden~

We offer seasonal sweets that are the pride of the hotel in the spacious 1st floor main lobby “Sweets&Café”. The view from the lobby is a garden and forest surrounded by greenery, which looks like a painting. Spend an afternoon with freshly brewed coffee.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay
Cafe restaurant Terrace

~Smooth textured chocolate mousse~

Our chocolate mousse is made with the finest chocolate, “Guanara” from Valrhona Co. in France, known for its flavorfulness and smooth texture. Please enjoy it with a cup of coffee, made from 100% ripe coffee cherries by Tashiro Coffee Co. We also suggest you to try our popular banana bread as well, guests’ all-time favorite souvenir at the Cafe restaurant Terrace.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
Hotel Okura Kyoto
Café Lec Court

~Long seller, apple pie à la mode~

Our apple pie à la mode is a long-time selling product that has been loved by guests for over 10 years. A generous amount of Aomori apples are used in the pie, all cut into large pieces, soaked in syrup, and baked with shredded apples on top. The original texture and flavor of the apples are preserved with a hint of cinnamon. Served warm with vanilla ice cream, which doubles the flavor and excitement!

Okura Hotels & Resorts
Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki Bettei

~Enjoy the view of our garden and siphon coffee at the lounge~

The siphon coffee is served in the lounge, located in the lobby area. It is made from coffee beans with a rich, subtle bitterness that reminds you of milk chocolates, brewed slowly by the maceration method to give it a soft, clean flavor. Please enjoy the coffee with a parfait and a Mont Blanc, inspired by the hotel’s garden with its beautiful sandy pattern.

Nikko Hotels International
Hotel Nikko Narita
Coffee Lounge

~Monthly seasonal original cake~

We recommend our original handmade cakes that change monthly, mainly devised by the hotel’s young patissiers. The use of seasonal fruits and ingredients that are on trend will definitely catch your eyes. The coffee lounge is adjacent to the lobby, so please feel free to use it for meetings or a short break.

Nikko Hotels International
Kawasaki Nikko Hotel
Vol de Nuit

~Enjoy the seasons with the chef’s special parfaits~

Our luxurious parfait is made with layers of hotel-made fluffy sponge, original sauce, whipped cream, ice cream, and other ingredients, carefully selected by the chef. The parfait menu changes along with the seasons, so you can enjoy a variety of flavors throughout the year. Please visit us for tea time or for desserts, and relax here at the Vol de Nuit.

Nikko Hotels International
Nikko Style Nagoya
style kitchen Cafe & Bar

~”The true coffee” served in barrel-shaped aroma cups~

TRUNK COFFEE, a famous Northern European style coffee shop that Nagoya is proud of, produced a hotel original blend. It is made from specialty coffee which only account for 5% of all coffee beans in the world. It is characterized by its fruity aroma and clean, crisp taste, which can be produced by roasting lightly. Enjoy the best coffee in a relaxing atmosphere while listening to the hotel’s original background music.

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