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Start your morning right ~Hotel Breakfast Special~ | In-room & take-out breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most enjoyable parts of a hotel stay, and it is becoming one of the important factors when selecting a hotel.
Breakfast at a hotel is not only about the taste and menu, but also about the atmosphere of the place, the view, and the service provided.

In this page, we introduce a variety of hotel breakfast, including private breakfasts served in your room, set menus filled with the chef’s specialties, breakfast buffet featuring freshly prepared dishes in front of you and a variety of menus using local ingredients, and many more.

Spending a fulfilling morning with a delicious breakfast will energize you for the day ahead.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
The Okura Tokyo
~Start the day with a choice of in-room breakfast menu~

Enjoy an elegant breakfast with a high-rise view in the Prestige Tower, or a beautiful garden view from a balcony in the Heritage Wing. For in-room service, you have a choice of western or Japanese breakfast. Enjoy the taste of Okura in a private atmosphere.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay
~Quick and easy Morning box~

You can enjoy our morning box in your room, or also outside of the room. The morning box includes sandwiches and banana bread and so on. Start your day at your own pace in the place of your choice.

Nikko Hotels International
Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba
~In-room breakfast for one~

Our specialty breakfast Eggs Benedict is exclusive for “Ohitori-sama Plan” guests, a special package for guests who would like to enjoy their hotel stay alone.
We also offer our fresh melon juice, usually served at ‘The Grill on 30th’ as your wake-up drink in the room. Start your day with a special food, with a view from the room.

Nikko Hotels International
Grand Nikko Awaji
~Feel the magnificent nature of Awaji Island~

The Precious Floors, the 8th floor and above offer a resort stay that blends in with the scenery outside the window where the sunlight pours in through. You can feel the sea breeze, enjoying the nature of Awaji Island and the Seto Inland Sea. In the morning, breakfast is served as room service. You can choose between Japanese set meals and American breakfast. Forget about everyday life and enjoy a resort holiday at Grand Nikko Awaji.

Nikko Hotels International
Palau Royal Resort
~Experiencing Palau's best hospitality in the room ~

Wide variety of in-room menus are available, including French style with three types of bread, American style with a choice of eggs or meat, Japanese bento, Chinese with dim sum, or healthy breakfast. Local ingredients like fresh seasonal fruits and fish are used in our dishes. Taro, known as one of the local staples, is used in our bakery selections and desserts.

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【 Terms and Conditions 】

  • Breakfast and service are subject to change without notice. Please contact each hotel for details.
  • The images shown are examples. Please proceed to the reservation and confirm the details of the plan.
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