Start your morning right ~Hotel Breakfast Special~

Breakfast is one of the most enjoyable parts of a hotel stay, and it is becoming one of the important factors when selecting a hotel.
Breakfast at a hotel is not only about the taste and menu, but also about the atmosphere of the place, the view, and the service provided.

In this page, we introduce a variety of hotel breakfast, including private breakfasts served in your room, set menus filled with the chef’s specialties, breakfast buffet featuring freshly prepared dishes in front of you and a variety of menus using local ingredients, and many more.

Spending a fulfilling morning with a delicious breakfast will energize you for the day ahead.

Nikko Hotels International
Hotel Nikko Nara
~Feel Nara's history and climate through breakfast~

Nara’s long history and mild climate establishes what makes Nara cuisine special. We offer fresh seasonal vegetables from local farmers, Kakinoha Sushi and Miwa Somen, which are filled with the wisdom and kindness of our ancestors. The “Kofukuji no Kasu-jiru” (miso soup mixed with sake lees), which was recreated under the supervision of Kofukuji Temple, is a popular menu item that can only be enjoyed at this hotel.

Hotel JAL City
Hotel JAL City Sapporo Nakajima Park
~Fresh sashimi and local grown ingredients~

We offer a Japanese and Western breakfast buffet featuring a wide variety of Hokkaido’s best ingredients. The buffet offers more than 40 dishes that change daily depending on the season, as well as freshly cut sashimi from the live kitchen. We also recommend that you enjoy it as a seafood bowl (kaisen-don) that you can serve yourself.

Hotel JAL City
Hotel JAL City Aomori
~Aomori's seafood, traditional cuisine, and local gourmet items~

At Hotel JAL City Aomori, we focus on using local production for local consumption. We offer dishes that are locally produced, such as rice, vegetables, and also freshly caught seafood. Please enjoy our popular breakfast buffet, ranked in the TripAdvisor “Hotels with the Best Breakfast 2020” list.

Hotel JAL City
Hotel JAL City Nagano
~Experience Shinshu's seasonality through breakfast~

Sky Restaurant Hakuba on the 16th floor overlooks the Zenkoji Plain and the Northern Alps. Enjoy a Japanese and Western style breakfast buffet. The dishes feature the tastes of Shinshu, including the hotel specialty “Shinshu Kattemeshi”, oyaki, Shinshu soba noodles, and desserts made from Shinshu apples, among about 30 other colorful dishes.

Hotel JAL City
Hotel JAL City Toyama
~Understanding and feeling Toyama culture through breakfast~

The restaurant uses a variety of ingredients from all over Toyama Prefecture, including “Yonju no Tamago” eggs from cage-free and Toyama rice fed chicken, miso from the only miso manufacturer in Hokuriku area that continues to follow the traditional production method, and lettuce grown hydroponically using Toyama water.
At the open kitchen, enjoy the “Local Production for Local Consumption TKG”, which features Yonju no Tamago in bonito broth, served on Toyama Koshihikari rice.

Hotel JAL City
Hotel JAL City Nagoya Nishiki
~Health conscious breakfast buffet with some Nagoya dishes~

We offer Nagoya’s specialty dishes such as kishimen (flat noodles), miso katsu, and miso soup made with hatcho miso, allowing you to enjoy the local flavors in the morning. The ochazuke corner, where you can make your own bowl, and the special French toast are popular here. Please enjoy the  Nagoya style French toast, topped with anko. We also offer fresh made omelets at the live kitchen.

Hotel JAL City
Hotel JAL City Naha
~Enjoy the new breakfast buffet menu~

The breakfast buffet “MA-SUN Breakfast” (MA-SUN sounds similar to maasan in Okinawan dialect, which means delicious) includes Motobu Beef Curry, fresh sea grapes and diamond squid bowls, Okinawan cuisine prepared by a chef who knows Okinawa inside and out, and miso soup made with the local miso of Tamanaha miso shoyu, a purveyor to the Ryukyu dynasty royal family. Also, freshly baked buttery croissants are served several times by staff. Please enjoy the Okinawan ingredients and food culture at our breakfast buffet.

Okura Hotels & Resorts
The Okura Prestige Taipei
~A day of luxury in Taiwan begins with breakfast~

Breakfast is served buffet style with dishes from all around the world. Eggs and noodle dishes are prepared to your preference in the live kitchen. In addition, a bakery corner and fresh vegetables are also available at the buffet. Have a great breakfast to boost your stamina and enjoy traveling Taipei to the fullest.

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