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Nagoya (Part 2)

Nagoya: A World of Bright Lights -part 2

World-famous Illuminations of Overwhelming Scale


Among the many spectacular illumination events in Japan, the Nabana no Sato Illumination has been ranked as the best. Held every year between the end of October to the end of May to coincide with the autumn leaves and the buds of spring, the event will be held for the 18th time in 2021. (This year, it’s held from October 23 in 2021 to May 31 in 2022.) From Nagoya Station, visitors can access the venue in around 40 minutes by train and bus. Fitting for one of the largest flower gardens in Japan—which boasts an array of flowers in every season—the event creates a mystical ambiance using the gardens magnificent natural beauty and countless lights that constantly transform the displays. The event itself comprises multiple breathtaking areas, including the Main Theme Area, an approximately 2.6 km2 zone based on picturesque scenery from Japan and abroad that changes each year; the Hikari no Taiga, a dynamic water-top installation symbolizing a 130-meter-long, eight-meter-wide river that uses the latest LEDs capable of displaying approximately 64 billion colors; and the Light Tunnel, in which LEDs resembling petals cover a 200-meter-long tunnel.


The fact that these dramatic, ever-changing displays do not use any projection mapping technology and rely on lightbulbs alone is staggering. The event is made all the more impressive as the illuminations can be viewed alongside the autumn leaves, kawazu cherry blossom trees and tulips in early spring, baby blue eyes, and many more. Elsewhere, the Twin Trees illumination sees two 20-meter-high trees adorned with stunning lighting—this and many more that combine nature and bright lights make the Nabana no Sato Illumination event a truly unique and highly enjoyable experience.

Playful, Educational Illuminations


The Kiso Sansen National Government Park spans three prefectures—Aichi, Gifu and Mie—and is the largest of its kind in Japan. The park comprises 13 smaller parks with undulating terrain, but best known for its playful nightscapes is the 138 Tower Park. Every year between mid-November and late December, 138 Tower Park hosts the Merry Christmas from the Twin Arch event, in which the central Twin Arch 138 observation tower and others are covered in magnificent lights. To date, the park has combined this illumination with workshops and events on specific themes, such as “Starry Skies and the Milky Way” and “The Earth and SDGs,” providing enjoyment from various angles.

The 100-meter-high Twin Arch 138 observation floor offers views of the brightly-lit park below and spectacular nightscapes of the Nobi Plain. The illuminations on the tower itself express the following day’s weather forecast in color, whether it be clear, cloudy, or rainy.

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